Jogging : 5 TIPS you need to know


Jogging can help you reduce great stress from your life while also helping you a lot in removing those additional fats from your body. But are you really making best out of your jogging? We assure there are certain things about jogging which you surely won’t know. So here is the list of those jogging tips which every runner must know:


  1. Get the right footwear: The shoes you choose decide a lot about how many calories will you lose or how comfortable you might end up after a long walk. Also chances of injury also get reduced up to a huge amount when you choose the right pair of shoes. You must visit the local foot specialty store and get the right pair of shoes which fit in properly. Try to replace your shoes after every 400-500 Kilometers.
  2. Remember to warm up and cool down: It’s very important to go for a walking warm up session before you began to run. This will signal your body and prepare it for a brisk working for next few minutes. This is very important to avoid any kinds of cramps or heavy-breathing. This can even help in minimizing your stress to a certain level by increasing your pulse. Similar concept goes when cooling down. Ending your brisk walking with a short steady walking is always advisable as it brings your body back to its normal state. This hack can help you a lot in losing more weight while intensive jogging.
  3. Mind your body posture: There is a proper body posture which should kept in mind while jogging. Improper posture can lead to a lot of pain and cramps in your arms, shoulders and back. Keep your hands at level with your waist just where they might even brush your hip while in motion. Maintain an angle of 90 degree on your elbow. Your back should be absolutely straight. When it comes to your arms they must be at level side of your chest. This posture will implicate the proper benefits of jogging in your body.
  4. Pace doesn’t really matter: Unless you want to become Usain Bolt, pace really does not matter while jogging. It is just a number that decides the time you have to devote to running. Decide what numbers of calories you want to lose everyday and then start a walk. Try to increase the distance rather than increasing your speed.
  5. Brisk intervals: This simple technique while jogging can do wonders. Start with a slow pace and then increase your pace. Come down with your pace once again for some time and then again go on increasing it. Repeat this multiple number of times. This increases the endurance of your heart as it increases pulse rate and decreases it thereafter.

These small hacks while jogging can help you to meet your aim of a well fit body. This can increase your mental well being along with your physical well being. Make your heart and other organs much stronger and sharper.


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