How Many Calories You Can Lose While Having Sex

Making love with your partner may be very good for you health and your relationship in genral, but it may also prove very healthy for your fitness and make you lose weight in the process. During the intercourse, your heart rate increases rapidly which helps in burning calories. If you want to make your love the source of your weight loss, you should read the following TIPS.

Couple Kissing


Kissing: More than 60 Calories per hour

Remember, when you first go to that date and locked your lips with your partner? Well, that is the time you start burning calories from your body due to the intense feelings and change in a heartbeat. According to Jaiya Kinzbach, a sexologist, “If the kissing is vigorous and involves some petting, it could be even closer to 90 calories burned in an hour”.  So make kissing a well-drilled routine and you will notice a noticeable change in your body.

Stripping: More than 8 Calories in total

It doesn’t look that you lose too many calories while undressing your partner. Well, researchers say something else. According to a study, when a man undresses the bra with his mouth, it burns almost 80 calories in total! Sexologists recommend that, don’t undress the clothes straight away, but try to foreplay with your partner and remove the clothes in a harder and more time consuming way.

Massaging: More than 80 Calories per hour

Everyone likes a rubbing from his/her partner. But if you are a giver, there is another advantage for you except giving comfort to your partner and that is calorie burning. Physicians suggest that you should go slowly while giving massage to your partner. Kinzbach recommends that “This may seem counterintuitive to burning calories, but going slower and deeper is not only more sensual, it works different muscles”.


Massaging Couple

During Sex: 100 Calories per half hour

To make sex worth burning calories, you have to make it more intense and hot, say experts.  It is also recommended that you should change positions more often during sex, this will give your body fluctuating pulse rate and thus you will lose more calories. One main thing to remember here is that you just orgasm while having sex. Experts say that women who orgasm during sex burn more calories than those who don’t.

Oral Sex: 100 calories per half hour

If you are at the giving end in oral sex, believe me, this is the best way to burn your calories during sex. Kinzbach again recommends that If you are on top, try moving your hips like a belly dancer; this feels great and will give you a workout”.


Couple Foreplay

Couple dancing: More than 100 calories per half hour

A Little bit of dirty dancing when you have your clothes on, can prove useful in calorie burning. Studies show that after an aerobic exercise like dancing, women are more aroused and can be lubricated more easily.  Slow dancing is fine, but try to add some extra moves in it like kissing and nibbling etc.

I think after reading this guideline, you will come to know the role of sex in weight loss and calories burning. Try to make sex a drill for calories burning and you will enjoy both things, romance, and calorie burning/weight loss!


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