Benefits of Daily Exercise

Hitting the gym up every day is of course not everyone’s cup of tea. A long hour of workout at gym causes fatigue and makes you feel totally exhausted. But still everyone wants to fit back in their favorite dresses which are history now.

So here we go with the solution. Exercising! You read it right. Exercising daily on a regular basis just at home or even outdoors can be of great help. There is a wide range of exercises that can be done daily in order to keep the body fit and mind rejuvenated. Walk or jog daily, use stairs instead of elevators and lifts, dance in freestyle and let your body loose, do push ups, join your favorite sport: cherish the pastime and the list is endless!! All these exercises are a piece of cake for everybody and also do not cost much.

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Here’s a helpful program for beginners:

90 Days of Action from

These have no side effects and help you calories burn easily. These are permanent solutions; all that is needed to be done is set a goal for at least 30-45 minutes of daily exercising. Doing some physical activity is far better than just sitting idle like a couch potato. There are many advantages of daily exercising like:

  1. Perfect body shape
  2. Stress free life
  3. Flat belly
  4. Reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases
  5. Energy boosting
  6. Improved sex life

Simple exercise done at home or outdoors can be rejoicing and a fun way to spend leisure time. Exercising is a mind blowing way to feel better and relaxed and active all the time.

Exercise has a great impact on health according to all major health institutes. Obesity is the root cause of many deadly diseases. So, in order to remove unwanted fats and avoid diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and other heart problems, exercise daily at least for half an hour. In fact, it helps you in bringing out of depression as well. Regular exercising can also help to have peaceful and sound sleep. Daily physical activity gives you a glowing and healthy skin and energizes you up which can really help in improving your sex life.

Exercise has certain mental benefits too. Mind exercises and games enhance memory and increase brain power. Solve puzzles and riddles to sharpen your mind.

Exercise tones your body, gives strength to your bones and muscles, helps trim the tummy and provide the body with a good shape. Well defined and straight posture makes one look confident and smart. Exercising can help keep your backbone straight and reduces chances of back problems. Neck exercises provide indeed a very well shape to the neck. Exercises for feet and hands can help strengthening their muscles and improves motion of these body parts.

When it comes to calorie burning, activities like cycling, skipping, and swimming, running and jogging are a great help. Cycling can burn 650 calories per hour while an hour of jogging burns 398 calories. Rope skipping burns 10 calories a minute, strengthen legs, butt and shoulder bones.

So reading these possible advantages one can note how beneficial exercise can be for our body as the old quote goes “All work and no play make jack a dull boy”.

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