Hello there! I kinda hate writing about myself so here’s what you will ( or not, who knows?! ) be reading through this website.

First off, I like fitness and I’m a gym guy. Not your everyday gym who’s pumped and is like his head is in between two mountains of muscle. LOL! No, not like this. It’s just I’ve been used to it since I was a kid ( mainly soccer until I injured my knee real bad and I couldn’t advance in a professional level ) so when I stopped playing soccer I felt I needed to find myself a new hobby that is tied to a healthy way of living.

I’ve had my fat moments as well, a bit were TOO fat. Nothing wrong with that as well, as long as it’s not deteriorating your health and your everyday functions. People should be the way they want, and remain healthy. I don’t consider someone healthy when he’s all day and night at the gym and uses steroids and all that! That’s insane.

Apart from health and fitness tips you’re in for a surprise. I consider sexual health to be of utmost importance to be REALLY healthy, so I will present what I think are some of the best sex toys to use, what tactics you can implement to get her/him naked, how to have a good AND sexy time without overdoing it, and that kind of stuff. Why not admit it? We live in an oversexualized society and I don’t think that’s bad at all. It’s something we need to embrace and make everyone feel comfortable with their need and urge to have sex. Whether it’s having sex with a person of the different or the same sex, people need to have fun! No discrimination, no bullshit, just plain fun!

If you need to contact me, head over to this page and drop me a note. I’ll always have 5 minutes to spare to get back to you. Talk about anything, I don’t mind!