10 Small tips to make a long walk less boring

Who doesn’t want to get fit and healthy? But only few have the real determination to make this dream come true. It doesn’t require much work to do! You can just start with a long walk every day to keep yourself fit. But the main problem arises here itself. A morning walk is more or less a boring thing for many people. They find it quite monotonous to wake up every morning even before the sun and go for a run around the block. But what if I tell you, you can make your walk an interesting venture to do? So here is my list with a few tips to make your morning walk less boring:

  1. Make some friends: Everything sounds quite boring when we do it alone but it can become much more interesting if we socialize ourselves with some other persons. A conversation during your walk can surely make it much more interesting than it was alone.
  2. Keep a pet: No humans? Animals can be a great friend too. They can understand those things which even humans can’t! Keep a dog and take him to walk with you. Try to race and play with him on the way to make your walk interesting.Walking with a dog
  3. Music: Music is the only thing that has been able to make everything in this world much more interesting. Get yourself your earphones and iPod and listen to your favorite music on the way to stay away from the monotony of the walk.
  4. Try out a new place to walk everyday: Going to the same place and walking everyday can make it quite boring thing to do so instead try and find out new places and rotate every day. Once you come to the end of your list repeat the list again.
  5. Walk barefoot: All those pompous shoes can make you much more attractive and comfortable. But the truth is that the experience of walking barefoot on grass is incomparable with any shoes. This experience can make walk quite lucrative and attractive.
  6. Find a happy ending: What do you like the most and could get up for it every morning? A glass of Beer? Or may be some shake for someone? Make your plan as such that you end up at your favorite place. This could motivate you to walk.
  7. Go naked: You read that right! But you didn’t mean that right. By this I mean leave all those gadgets and gears home which are almost equivalent to clothes to a runner which tell you the amount of calories you burn every second. Go for a plain walk with just yourself. You will feel A LOT better!
  8. Play a game: when going with friends try to play a game while walking. All these games can make you feel happy and you might even forget the tiredness of running. Play ATLAS for example.
  9. Try to enjoy the scenes: Pick up a route that has clear view of sky. Nothing in this world looks more beautiful than a rising sun showering its rays.
  10. Set Goal: After all those tips it’s you and only you who can make walk more interesting try to set goals ( KM per day, how many blocks you turned etc ) for running everyday and work hard to accomplish it.


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