Want To Lose Weight? EXERCISE!

There are lots of ways to lose weight and burn calories. Some people change their diet completely for weight loss. But one thing that matters most in weight loss is exercise. With exercise you can keep your body fit and can lose weight quickly. But the question is which exercise is best for weight loss. If you have the same question in mind, don’t worry you are at the right place at the right time. Following are some useful exercises for weight loss.


Exercise so you Can Lose Weight


The best and easy way to lose weight via exercise is jogging. You just need a pair of shoes and you are all set to have a walk. Jogging helps you to increase metabolic rate, makes you more fit and healthier, helps you lose unwanted fat.

Weight Training

Want to burn calories continuously for 48 hours? If yes, then you should go for weight training. This exercise is very useful for women or men who have fats in bulk and is harder for them to start jogging right away.

Lifting Weights



This light weight sport will burn you hundreds of calories without sweating out. Strokes you do while swimming will help you in producing many aerobic exercises. Swim for few minutes daily and you will see noticeable difference in your body weight.

Be more Energetic with Food supplements

Now days, having too little energy are the normal complain among people. If you feel tired and lazy, you could have a full night sleep and all of your fatigue will fade away. However, one more shape of fatigue is too dangerous for you. This situation occurs due to lack of energetic foods in your body cells. Therefore make sure that the foods you eat have the following supplements richly.


Iodine plays a major role in keeping the body cells fit and healthy. The foods which are high in iodine include sea vegetables, and sea foods.


One most important element for brain development is magnesium. Study shows that those people who lack in magnesium struggles in completing routine physical tasks. Foods with high magnesium include pumpkin seeds, beans, and raw spinach.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12, which is also known as Citric Acid, is the basic element for energy metabolism. People who have Vitamin B12 deficiency in them suffer more fatigue and headache. Foods rich with this vitamin include read meat and clams.

Detoxification helps your body to be healthier and more balanced

There is lot of confusion about detoxification among people. Is it really good for your health? Or it has major side effects on your health? Well the answer lies in these following points.

Boosts energy

This is common sense, if you are cutting the amount of sugar, fats from your routine diet and taking fresh juice, vegetables, and fruits, you will definitely feel energetic. This is what detoxing does to your body.

Weight loss

Detoxing helps you in rapid burn of calories and weight loss. If you detox for short period of time, you will again start gaining the weight, so try it for longer duration and loss weight continuously.

Invokes healthy changes

Leaving sugar, fats from your normal diet and shifting to fresh fruits and vegetables will definitely put positive and healthy changes to your body. Adopt this routine and stick to your new habits and you will definitely feel a positive change in your body.

Jogging : 5 TIPS you need to know


Jogging can help you reduce great stress from your life while also helping you a lot in removing those additional fats from your body. But are you really making best out of your jogging? We assure there are certain things about jogging which you surely won’t know. So here is the list of those jogging tips which every runner must know:


  1. Get the right footwear: The shoes you choose decide a lot about how many calories will you lose or how comfortable you might end up after a long walk. Also chances of injury also get reduced up to a huge amount when you choose the right pair of shoes. You must visit the local foot specialty store and get the right pair of shoes which fit in properly. Try to replace your shoes after every 400-500 Kilometers.
  2. Remember to warm up and cool down: It’s very important to go for a walking warm up session before you began to run. This will signal your body and prepare it for a brisk working for next few minutes. This is very important to avoid any kinds of cramps or heavy-breathing. This can even help in minimizing your stress to a certain level by increasing your pulse. Similar concept goes when cooling down. Ending your brisk walking with a short steady walking is always advisable as it brings your body back to its normal state. This hack can help you a lot in losing more weight while intensive jogging.
  3. Mind your body posture: There is a proper body posture which should kept in mind while jogging. Improper posture can lead to a lot of pain and cramps in your arms, shoulders and back. Keep your hands at level with your waist just where they might even brush your hip while in motion. Maintain an angle of 90 degree on your elbow. Your back should be absolutely straight. When it comes to your arms they must be at level side of your chest. This posture will implicate the proper benefits of jogging in your body.
  4. Pace doesn’t really matter: Unless you want to become Usain Bolt, pace really does not matter while jogging. It is just a number that decides the time you have to devote to running. Decide what numbers of calories you want to lose everyday and then start a walk. Try to increase the distance rather than increasing your speed.
  5. Brisk intervals: This simple technique while jogging can do wonders. Start with a slow pace and then increase your pace. Come down with your pace once again for some time and then again go on increasing it. Repeat this multiple number of times. This increases the endurance of your heart as it increases pulse rate and decreases it thereafter.

These small hacks while jogging can help you to meet your aim of a well fit body. This can increase your mental well being along with your physical well being. Make your heart and other organs much stronger and sharper.


How Many Calories You Can Lose While Having Sex

Making love with your partner may be very good for you health and your relationship in genral, but it may also prove very healthy for your fitness and make you lose weight in the process. During the intercourse, your heart rate increases rapidly which helps in burning calories. If you want to make your love the source of your weight loss, you should read the following TIPS.

Couple Kissing


Kissing: More than 60 Calories per hour

Remember, when you first go to that date and locked your lips with your partner? Well, that is the time you start burning calories from your body due to the intense feelings and change in a heartbeat. According to Jaiya Kinzbach, a sexologist, “If the kissing is vigorous and involves some petting, it could be even closer to 90 calories burned in an hour”.  So make kissing a well-drilled routine and you will notice a noticeable change in your body.

Stripping: More than 8 Calories in total

It doesn’t look that you lose too many calories while undressing your partner. Well, researchers say something else. According to a study, when a man undresses the bra with his mouth, it burns almost 80 calories in total! Sexologists recommend that, don’t undress the clothes straight away, but try to foreplay with your partner and remove the clothes in a harder and more time consuming way.

Massaging: More than 80 Calories per hour

Everyone likes a rubbing from his/her partner. But if you are a giver, there is another advantage for you except giving comfort to your partner and that is calorie burning. Physicians suggest that you should go slowly while giving massage to your partner. Kinzbach recommends that “This may seem counterintuitive to burning calories, but going slower and deeper is not only more sensual, it works different muscles”.


Massaging Couple

During Sex: 100 Calories per half hour

To make sex worth burning calories, you have to make it more intense and hot, say experts.  It is also recommended that you should change positions more often during sex, this will give your body fluctuating pulse rate and thus you will lose more calories. One main thing to remember here is that you just orgasm while having sex. Experts say that women who orgasm during sex burn more calories than those who don’t.

Oral Sex: 100 calories per half hour

If you are at the giving end in oral sex, believe me, this is the best way to burn your calories during sex. Kinzbach again recommends that If you are on top, try moving your hips like a belly dancer; this feels great and will give you a workout”.


Couple Foreplay

Couple dancing: More than 100 calories per half hour

A Little bit of dirty dancing when you have your clothes on, can prove useful in calorie burning. Studies show that after an aerobic exercise like dancing, women are more aroused and can be lubricated more easily.  Slow dancing is fine, but try to add some extra moves in it like kissing and nibbling etc.

I think after reading this guideline, you will come to know the role of sex in weight loss and calories burning. Try to make sex a drill for calories burning and you will enjoy both things, romance, and calorie burning/weight loss!


Benefits of Daily Exercise

Hitting the gym up every day is of course not everyone’s cup of tea. A long hour of workout at gym causes fatigue and makes you feel totally exhausted. But still everyone wants to fit back in their favorite dresses which are history now.

So here we go with the solution. Exercising! You read it right. Exercising daily on a regular basis just at home or even outdoors can be of great help. There is a wide range of exercises that can be done daily in order to keep the body fit and mind rejuvenated. Walk or jog daily, use stairs instead of elevators and lifts, dance in freestyle and let your body loose, do push ups, join your favorite sport: cherish the pastime and the list is endless!! All these exercises are a piece of cake for everybody and also do not cost much.

If you want to incorporate a routine of exercise and good diet/nutrition check this website : . There’s a community of people able to assist you and talk with you for everything you might want to know!

Here’s a helpful program for beginners:

90 Days of Action from

These have no side effects and help you calories burn easily. These are permanent solutions; all that is needed to be done is set a goal for at least 30-45 minutes of daily exercising. Doing some physical activity is far better than just sitting idle like a couch potato. There are many advantages of daily exercising like:

  1. Perfect body shape
  2. Stress free life
  3. Flat belly
  4. Reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases
  5. Energy boosting
  6. Improved sex life

Simple exercise done at home or outdoors can be rejoicing and a fun way to spend leisure time. Exercising is a mind blowing way to feel better and relaxed and active all the time.

Exercise has a great impact on health according to all major health institutes. Obesity is the root cause of many deadly diseases. So, in order to remove unwanted fats and avoid diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and other heart problems, exercise daily at least for half an hour. In fact, it helps you in bringing out of depression as well. Regular exercising can also help to have peaceful and sound sleep. Daily physical activity gives you a glowing and healthy skin and energizes you up which can really help in improving your sex life.

Exercise has certain mental benefits too. Mind exercises and games enhance memory and increase brain power. Solve puzzles and riddles to sharpen your mind.

Exercise tones your body, gives strength to your bones and muscles, helps trim the tummy and provide the body with a good shape. Well defined and straight posture makes one look confident and smart. Exercising can help keep your backbone straight and reduces chances of back problems. Neck exercises provide indeed a very well shape to the neck. Exercises for feet and hands can help strengthening their muscles and improves motion of these body parts.

When it comes to calorie burning, activities like cycling, skipping, and swimming, running and jogging are a great help. Cycling can burn 650 calories per hour while an hour of jogging burns 398 calories. Rope skipping burns 10 calories a minute, strengthen legs, butt and shoulder bones.

So reading these possible advantages one can note how beneficial exercise can be for our body as the old quote goes “All work and no play make jack a dull boy”.

Sweat it! Exercise through Sex

Everyone dreams to be in proper body shape and there’s in only one solution which helps them. Exercise! But taking time out of your busy schedule for such boring thing like exercise can be quite challenging for some people. Even if you get time spending it on doing exercise is often considered waste! Been there done that…! So, how to accomplish your dream of being fit?

As they say, a human can forgo everything but cannot control the urge of three things: thirst, hunger and sex! And the third one works for us. Just beginning with a fact a single average sex session burns out 100 calories for men and 69 calories for women. You might already start finding it interesting.



Sex from the times of ancient history is considered as a leisure activity done for mental relaxation. But only few knew that this physical attachment is a great physical pursuit too. Sex uses every muscle of the human body thus tends to reduce fats in the body. It offers certain advantages:

  • It reduces your calories thus improving the health of your heart by relieving pressure on it. It is said that if you have sex for around 3 times a week you eradicate the risk of heart attack or stroke by 60%.
  • Development of immunity: Sex increases the amount of immunoglobulin A in your body which is used to fight viruses thus improving your immune system.
  • Makes you look younger: Several studies suggest that regular sex can bring a lot of glow on your face and shape your body to make you look many years younger even up to 10 years.
  • Relieves pain or stress: As any other exercise it also has a lot of positive impact on your mind too. It relieves you from any kind of stress which you are suffering from and makes you much happier.
  • It keeps you muscles fit and active while reducing the chances of any tearing that happens due to stiffness.

Exercise and SEX

The list of benefits is never ending. But the question is how to make your session a calorie burning session. Here are some ways that will tell you how to do sexercise:

  • Try to have sex around 3-4 times a week. These may be short sessions sometime. But regularity can help you gain the same benefits as of any exercise
  • Try out different positions; use those positions which involve high amount of physical movements like the missionary or the doggy style. Cowboy might not do the work.
  • Try to do up to orgasm: regular orgasm relieves you and reduce the chances of cancer. Moreover a lot of calories are burned during the orgasm.
  • Involve foreplay: Foreplay generally triggers your hormones upto a whole new level making you very exciting. Even your pulse rate tend to increase while seduction. This can be really helpful for the heart.

These were the tips which can help you to lose your calories by sweating with sex. Remember to practice safe sex! Go to a whole new level of sex! The Sexercise!

Healthy meals & basic daily exercise = faster weight loss!

People use to make many diet plans to lose their body weight but all goes in vain as they are unable to give up carb-rich food nor able to follow proper exercise schedule. People often lose battle while choosing among a healthy food and a tasty food. It is not always about giving up your favorite foods. It is all about choosing a right food which increases your metabolism rate and digests the food without retaining any extra calories. It is very important to improve the metabolic health and reduces the appetite.

Some of major food groups that are involved in a diet are:

  • Proteins (Meat, Beans, Dairy, Eggs & Nuts)
    • Fats (Butter, olive oil, donuts, muffins etc)
    • Carbohydrates (Starches & Sugars)
    • Vegetable
    • Fruits

Healthy meals & basic daily exercise = faster weight loss!

Tips for a balanced diet that helps in losing weight in short time span:

  • Cut down carbohydrates from the diet as it increases insulin which is fat storage hormone in human body.
  • Increase the intake of protein (Meat, fish egg), some fat and low carb vegetables(Broccoli, cucumber, spinach)
  • Avoid in taking carbohydrates and protein in a single meal, as they both combine together in the stomach and slow down the metabolism and makes acidity.
  • Fruits should be eaten alone and should not be combined with other food groups.
  • Avoid Carbonated Sweet drinks like soda or pop as much as you can.
  • Never eat dessert right after the meal.
  • Drink lot of water in a day.
  • Drink coffee 30 min before exercise.

Daily Burn Workout @

Regular exercise also plays a significant role in weight loss. Exercise helps the body to be in perfect shape by burning out extra calories and also reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases. Working out for a few minutes in a day will keep you fit and helps in losing weight in a short period of time. One should be committed to his regular exercise schedule and set a target plan of least 45min in a day for a workout. Some of the effective works out tips are as follows:

  • Perform cardio workouts like jogging, running, swimming for 30 min a day.
  • Lifting weights for at least 3-4 times in a week will strengthen your muscles and improves metabolism.
  • Stretching exercises like push-ups, crunches, curls (biceps), squats, lunges (legs) reduces extra fat and brings mobility in muscle.
  • Sex helps in burning extra calories from the body.

The combination of healthy diet with regular exercise will burn the body fat, strengthen the muscles and fastens the weight loss. It helps to bring you back in shape and keep us away from medication of cardiovascular diseases. You can also consult with an expert to know more about your body structure, genetics, diet, exercises etc. There is an old quote that says that “No Pain, No gain”. Therefore one needs to show the commitment and regularity in exercise with the healthy diet plan for effective result.

10 Small tips to make a long walk less boring

Who doesn’t want to get fit and healthy? But only few have the real determination to make this dream come true. It doesn’t require much work to do! You can just start with a long walk every day to keep yourself fit. But the main problem arises here itself. A morning walk is more or less a boring thing for many people. They find it quite monotonous to wake up every morning even before the sun and go for a run around the block. But what if I tell you, you can make your walk an interesting venture to do? So here is my list with a few tips to make your morning walk less boring:

  1. Make some friends: Everything sounds quite boring when we do it alone but it can become much more interesting if we socialize ourselves with some other persons. A conversation during your walk can surely make it much more interesting than it was alone.
  2. Keep a pet: No humans? Animals can be a great friend too. They can understand those things which even humans can’t! Keep a dog and take him to walk with you. Try to race and play with him on the way to make your walk interesting.Walking with a dog
  3. Music: Music is the only thing that has been able to make everything in this world much more interesting. Get yourself your earphones and iPod and listen to your favorite music on the way to stay away from the monotony of the walk.
  4. Try out a new place to walk everyday: Going to the same place and walking everyday can make it quite boring thing to do so instead try and find out new places and rotate every day. Once you come to the end of your list repeat the list again.
  5. Walk barefoot: All those pompous shoes can make you much more attractive and comfortable. But the truth is that the experience of walking barefoot on grass is incomparable with any shoes. This experience can make walk quite lucrative and attractive.
  6. Find a happy ending: What do you like the most and could get up for it every morning? A glass of Beer? Or may be some shake for someone? Make your plan as such that you end up at your favorite place. This could motivate you to walk.
  7. Go naked: You read that right! But you didn’t mean that right. By this I mean leave all those gadgets and gears home which are almost equivalent to clothes to a runner which tell you the amount of calories you burn every second. Go for a plain walk with just yourself. You will feel A LOT better!
  8. Play a game: when going with friends try to play a game while walking. All these games can make you feel happy and you might even forget the tiredness of running. Play ATLAS for example.
  9. Try to enjoy the scenes: Pick up a route that has clear view of sky. Nothing in this world looks more beautiful than a rising sun showering its rays.
  10. Set Goal: After all those tips it’s you and only you who can make walk more interesting try to set goals ( KM per day, how many blocks you turned etc ) for running everyday and work hard to accomplish it.


Sex Toys As Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

It is universally acknowledged that sex is an integral part of human health, and without it life could be terrible in one way or another. It has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that sex improves immunity, is great for your heart, lowers down stress levels, and at the same time, it is a pain reliever and improves sleep, too. In relation to these benefits, sex toys come in handy for persons who really desire to have a healthy sex life. Remember, there are quite a number of products for both male and females and it is all a matter of choice.

Why choose specific sex toys

There are quite a number of reasons why sex toys are an integral part of living healthy. To begin with, sex toys will help you rediscover yourself. In other words, you will be able to determine what you like and what you don’t.  These are the kind of toys that will not only make you happy and this means reduced stress levels. Furthermore, with these kinds of toys you are always guaranteed of orgasm. If you happen to indulge yourself in some kind of self love, then you will never have a problem with attaining orgasm irrespective of whether you are male or female.Glass Dildos

It is equally important to note that with these toys your self-esteem is tremendously improved. Studies on the subject of masturbation show that women who regularly masturbate are more confident, compared to those who rarely or have never. Self confidence is definitely a sign for persons who are living healthy. Additionally, sex toys are much safer based on the fact that there are innumerable sex related diseases out there that can affect your health. Last but not least, these are known to relief headaches, migraines, and general pain.

Ben Wa Balls

Types of sex toys

There are so many types of sex toys out there that you can choose based on your unique needs. In other words, you can always get what you need if you consult experts and do a little of research. Overall, you only need to make a wise choice based on gender, age, and other related factors. These include, but not limited to:

  • General penetrative toys such as Dildos, Ben Wa Balls, sex machines and kegel exercisers.
  • Anal toys are objects such as anal beads, prostate massagers, and butt plugs
  • Glass sex toys
  • Vibrators
  • Penile toys
  • Nipple toys

It is highly recommended that you choose the best toys that will meet your unique needs. The best thing is that you will never spend a fortune just to get one, and of course with expert advice you can always enjoy all the health benefits that come with sex toys. As a matter of fact, choosing sex toys is not rocket science and the better part is that  irrespective of your gender you will get something you can connect with at an emotional level. Of course, you will never dent your account if you go for sex toys that work.